Written by Niels on

So a few hours ago I had some time left and updated my whole KDE build, including kdebase. After using an extremely unstable Plasma, from the port-it-to-woc-dept period, for weeks.. I now have a seriously stable desktop again, with loads of unnoticed improvements. For example, I connected my laptop to a screen (from widescreen to a squary screen), restarted X11 and started KDE again. After 5 minutes using it I realized that in 4.0 I would have ended up hacking numbers in the panel containment in plasmarc to get the panel correct again, it all just works now!

Thumbs up to KDE, and the Plasma team in particular! I'm really sure now that 4.1 is going to be a very solid release...

Ps. Oh, and that Krunner revamp rocks as well!