Finally Moved

Written by Niels on

So, It took a lot of weeks to prepare the big big move, but happily enough it is all behind our backs. At Wednesday the 22th at 7am 6 blokes of the moving company showed up, and a gigantic trailer (with the length of almost 3 houses in our street) parked in front of the door. Men, that was a hell of a operation...

They where busy till about 17.30 with packing up the complete house, all interior and exterior was loaded into the trailer. Most of the 180 boxes are empty by now and in the meantime a lot of things in and around our new house are fixed (electrics, fixing walls, putting UTP-cables everywhere =), so hopefully in a small amount of time things are back to normal.

This new house and new environment brought a lot of stress of course, but seeing the dogs adapting perfectly makes it all way better then ever predicted by anyone. Now only my room needs a lot of work to be done (a floor and a roof is still missing) but after that I think the hacking can continue.

Oh btw, this is my first post.. Welcome all to my blog! :D